What’s Hot in Mobile This Week?

In today’s fast-paced world, a whole lot can happen in just a few days…especially in the white-hot sphere of mobile. Mobile technology is changing at the speed of light 4G. Here’s a quick glance at the Weekly Mobile Buzz:

mobile market news


Android + Apple = 70% of Smartphone Market

ComScore released their July report of mobile market share data. The number of smartphone owners increased by 10% (compared to the last 3-month period ending in April.) Otherwise, it’s mostly business as usual: Android owns 41.8% of the smartphone market, while iPhone claims 27.0%. Blackberry continues to spiral downward.

Let’s see how the same report looks after the iPhone5 release, shall we?

comScore july 2011 smartphone market share


Hurricane Irene Disaster Relief: App Style!

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) released a handy little app for disaster relief this week – which just happened to coincide with Hurricane Irene.

Subscribers can use the FEMA app for directions to relief and recovery shelters, emergency checklists and info, and can sign up to receive text notifications. Currently available for Android, but coming soon to iPhone and Blackberry.

FEMA Android App for disaster relief


Also Seen & Heard:


  • Listen up, Londoners! It is now safe to spray graffiti without fear of arrest. Street Tag is a location-based app that detects your location in real time, and turns your iPhone into a digital can of spray-paint.

Street Tag mobile art app

  • Not strictly mobile-related, but worth sharing nonetheless…we love Shrine of Apple: a cool photograph-based archive of Apple products. A convenient way to watch the collection grow!




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