Understanding the Mobile Market: The Latest Reports

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Market research data is invaluable for any business, large or small.

If your potential clients are mobile phone users, it’s extremely helpful to understand how they’re using their phones, and how they hope to in the future. Tap into your user psyche with a little data on mobile phone usage.

Here are 2 recent and thorough studies of smartphone user behavior:

1) Mobile Phone Usage Report by GSMArena

(We included this report in a recent post on wixmobile.com)

When survey was conducted: April 2011

Participants surveyed: 15,000 mobile phone users

Format: 12-page report + infographic

2) “The Mobile Movement” Smartphone User Study by Google

When: late 2010

Participants surveyed: 5,013 smartphone users

Format: 39-minute webinar + 3-min highlight video

Which Report Should You Use?

If your time (or attention span) is of the essence, I suggest the GSMArena report. At least the cool infographic. It may be slightly more indicative of the average mobile phone user. Three times the amount of participants offered data, and it is a bit more recent than Google’s.

However, if your users are mostly smartphone owners, Google’s survey is more niche-based and might provide more targeted info.

Plus its a video so you can play with your smartphone while watching. :)

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