Google’s New Search Experience for Tablets: Just Hot Air?

Last month Google unleashed a revamped design for mobile search on smartphones. This time the spotlight is on tablets.

If you own an iPad or Galaxy Tab 1.0 (pretty much any tablet besides the Playbook by Blackberry), you can enjoy your “new search experience” probably sometime next week. Basically there are search option icons below the search box, instead of just next to it.

But be patient. Google is just “rolling out” the new design…so hold onto your hats and try to make do with plain old regular search for the next few days.

Much Ado About Nothing?

Announcing this as a “new search experience” is a smart move by Google. It’s still the same old search engine, just with a couple more icons. I think everyone was going about their Google searches pretty well with the old design. What’s more important is how changes in the algorithm, like last week’s algorithm tweak, will affect search results.

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