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When a potential client or customer uses their iPhone to look up the nearest place to buy whatever it is you’re selling – you want to be # 1 on a search results page. The following sites are essential for anyone seeking to promote a business, cause or craft to a mobile audience. Mobile search engines (i.e. Google Mobile) deliver results to a mobile audience.

Here are the best resources and authorities for optimizing mobile websites:

1) W3C mobileOK Checker

Enter the URL of your mobile website and have this validator check it for mobile-friendliness. The creator of this tool is the W3C, or the World Wide Web Consortium. They set the standards for web coding. It’s like the Bible of web development. They also published a 40-something page document, “Mobile Web Best Practices: Basic Guidelines”



2) Official Google Mobile Blog

The official blog for announcements, recommendations and news related to mobile search, straight from Google itself.

Google Mobile Blog


3) Mobile Mondays @SearchEngineLand

An in-depth look at mobile SEO from an authority on search engine marketing. Hot topics include mobile search marketing, how user search behavior differs between desktop and mobile devices, linkbuilding, QR codes and more.

Mobile SEO Column at SearchEngineLand


4) Bryson Meunier’s Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog

Bryson Meunier is one of the main contributors to the Mobile Mondays column, and he runs his own blog in addition. Filled with comprehensive and thorough articles on mobile search engine optimization, Meunier’s blog has been active since 2007. It’s safe to say this guy’s pretty familiar with the subject matter, and he offers practical advise and useful information on mobile marketing.

Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog

Most Importantly:

Mobile SEO is pretty similar to regular SEO, from a technical perspective. The key is to create mobile websites that provide valuable user experiences. This means creating mobile-friendly web design that loads quickly, which users can enjoy without squinting or scrolling.

Delivering mobile-friendly web design is the key to mobile SEO, and to building successful mobile sites.



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