Mobile Web Design Showcase # 4

Mobile Web Design Showcase is a series of posts at WixMobile, displaying outstanding examples of mobile website design. Each volume presents stunning mobile websites displaying eye-catching simplicity and elegant user-friendliness. 

Spot a cool mobile site? Post it in the comments and we’ll feature it in a future Showcase!

#1 Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca’s mobile website boasts bright colors, large type and a super-slick interface that looks great on tablets, too.

Mobile Website Design - Tribeca Film Festival

#2 Untappd

This entertainment mobile website was designed to mirror the mobile app. Big glossy call-to-action and mobile-friendly form fields make this a winner.

Mobile Website Design - Untappd

#3 Savvy Le Chill

Designed from a mobile website template, SAVVY shows off their chic fashion sense with vibrant colors and minimal content, perfect for mobile.

Mobile Website Design - Savvy Le Chill

#4 Just For Laughs

This comedy showcase uses icons for easy, tap-pable navigation and an interactive map for finding venues.

Mobile Website Design - Just for Laughs

#5 McGarry Bowen

A lovely color palette and super-clean styling combine with a neat accordion-style single-page design for quick lookup of info.
Mobile Website Design Showcase - McGarry Bowen

#6 FutureNoir

Another mobile website created with Wix, this one boasts high contrast and large buttons making it a pleasure to browse on a small screen.
Mobile Website Design - FutureNoir

#7 Saka Sushi & Hibachi

Place an order with sleek click-to-call buttons on this sushi restaurant’s mobile site. Viewing the menu is a breeze, and once you open an image, all it takes is a quick swipe to turn the page to view more.
Mobile Website Design - Saka Sushi & Hibachi


#8 MK3

Gorgeous use of light in this ultra-minimal responsive mobile website design, and mobile-friendly navigation never hurts.

Mobile Website Design - MK3

#9 Shoggi & Friends

Another example of how well bold color and mobile-sized images help to show off a brand.
Mobile Website Design - Shoggi & Friends


#10 Coca-Cola

A mobile showcase is really not complete without Coca-Cola. They’ve done it all right, from interactive features to a user-friendly interface, and make it easy to find key information or browse current promotions.

Mobile Website Design - CocaCola

What inspiring mobile sites have you stumbled across?

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Vail is a designer and writer with a geeky love for gadgets. When she is not hard at work designing something, she loves writing for WixMobile, the free mobile website builder.
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