How To Make a Mobile Website in Under 10 Minutes

Got a few minutes? Brilliant!
In just 3 easy steps you can create a mobile website and publish it live, ready for click-happy smartphone shoppers. Get your mobile website up and running in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

create a mobile website

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the easy-breezy workflow to build a mobile site on WixMobile, an online tool that lets you create and customize free mobile sites. Built with a smooth drag & drop interface, our online wizard takes all the fuss out of creating a mobile website.

make a mobile website

Step # 1: Choose a template
An impressive selection of free mobile website templates saves you from building your site from scratch (or hiring a pro to do it!) Each template is like a professionally-designed foundation for your personal mobile site. Everything is customizable, from the colors to the click-to-call links. And it’s all ready-to-edit with Wix’ mobile web editor.

Step # 2: Enter site title
This is the main header on the top of your mobile site. Enter the name of your business, organization or childhood stuffed animal. I bet he or she will be impressed!

Step # 3: Edit pages
Where the magic happens. Click to change anything and instantly see a live preview inside the smartphone image on the right.

Change colors. Edit the background, title text and pretty much any other item’s color:

Add a photo gallery. Upload photos from your computer or choose from a free image album right inside the Wix mobile website editor:

Be social. Connect your mobile site to social media profiles:

Go mobile. Take full advantage of advanced features made possible by mobile technology. Enter your business address and a Google map will be linked to your mobile site, allowing mobile visitors to find you easily. Add click-to-email and click-to-call buttons simply by entering your e-mail address and phone number.

Step # 4: Publish
This one’s a snap. Just hit the green Publish button on top of the live preview. View your mobile site instantly on your smartphone or tablet.

Wanna go back and change something? No prob! Just sign back into your WixMobile account. Your site will be ready and waiting for you to edit to your heart’s content.

how to make a mobile website

WixMobile is currently in alpha testing, which means that even with all the features and functions available now, it’s only going to get better. We’ll keep you posted with all the latest goodies as soon as they’re fresh out of the oven. Are you still asking yourself, “how do I build a mobile website?”. Start to have fun tweaking your free mobile website – and Go Mobile Today!

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