iPhone 4S is Here! Top Highlights and What to Expect

After months of anticipation, rumors and dramatic media events, the next generation of the iPhone has finally arrived.

iPhone4S Available with Siri Digital Assistant

Siri: voice recognition on iPhone4S

Although it’s been referred to as the “iPhone5″ – and, technically, it is the 5th generation of the iPhone – the official name and model is iPhone4S. Some people were disappointed to learn that the latest model is not a fully-redesigned device, and not worthy of the “5″ title just yet.

If you are one of these people – don’t feel alone. Maybe you can organize an iPhone5 Anonymous group in your local area, where you and like-minded Apple freakazoids can support each other until next year.

Until then, here’s the buzz on the iPhone4s:

Over 1 million iPhone 4S’s were sold during just the 1st day of pre-orders last Friday.

Price: Starts at $199

Hottest features:

  • Siri. The “digital assistant” software that recognizes your voice, and takes orders like “Remind me to call home at 5″, “Read my voicemail” and “What’s the weather like in Skokie, Illinois?” There’s a funny video of people feeling like the CEO’s of their own companies on the Apple site. Siri is one serious fembot. You can even ask Siri about Siri. Read more about her here.

iPhone4S Siri

  • The “you-can’t-believe-it’s-on-a-phone” Camera. The built-in camera is thought to replace a $200 digital camera. With 8-megapixel-resolution, face detection and a slew of other professional features, amateur photographers everywhere are smiling themselves to sleep in sheer anticipation.
  • Mobile video chat. A lens on the front of the phone lets you speak iPhone to iPhone, iPad2, iPod Touch and Mac users with Wi-Fi while both parties enjoy live webcam functionality. The feature, called “FaceTime”, is pretty smart of Apple. Parents of new college freshmen are smiling themselves to sleep. A nice remedy for empty-nest syndrome, and a great way for kids to get their parents to cough up the dough for a new phone.
  • Speed + power. No need to get too technical here. It’s faster, better, and stronger. The internet is more powerful and the operating system is iOS 5.

For more on iPhone 4S features, click here. Here’s some tips on where to buy the iPhone4S today. Go hog wild!

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