6 Ways to Enjoy Game of Thrones on Mobile

The hit HBO series Game of Thrones is back in Season 2 with more characters and a bigger budget. For mobile enthusiasts, this means a new wave of apps, themes, ring tones and games. The production, based on fantasy author George R.R. Martin’s epic novels, has taken TV viewers by storm since its debut in 2011. Season 1 DVD sales surpassed 350,000 in the week following the March 6 release, surpassing HBO’s record, previously held by the sopranos. Below is a roundup of Game of Thrones goodies for your mobile so you can watch, track and keep with the Westeros spirit wherever you go.


game of thrones

HBO Go, previously only online at HBO.com, comes alive for the first time on the iPad HBO Go app, bringing an interactive viewing experience to Game of Thrones fans.  The new interactive elements allow viewers to watch full-length episodes and engage with a Twitter-esque “alert feed” set to offer exclusive content, and access other special features through in-episode prompts. Content includes maps, photos, character descriptions and more.

Game of Thrones Companion

game of thrones mobile

If you’re new to the Game of Thrones series, the expansive cast of kings, queens, rogues, knights, barbarians and families spread over several locations and continents can be hard to follow at first. This mobile app provides character information, maps, episode synopses and a glossary of Westeros terms to help turn you into an instant expert. Keep it on hand while watching or study it on your lunch break. The app is available for both iPhones and Androids.

Westeros Map App

game of thrones mobile game

Both the hard-cover and paperback books come with a map or two roughly depicting the regions of the Game of Thrones world at play in the novel, but they don’t quite give you the full picture. The Westeros map for Android or iOS displays a beautiful, full-size and heavily detailed map complete with a lore-friendly interface and search function. For best results, use on a tablet.

Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire

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Hardcore fans will rejoice at this official Game of Thrones weather app for iPhone and iPad. You can select your town and receive live weather information displayed over stunning Game of Thrones film-animated locations.


imdb game of thrones

The Internet Movie Database has everything you need for Game of Thrones, including actor bios, trivia, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, trailers and photo galleries. The IMDB mobile app makes it extremely easy to browse information or interact with other fans, and comes in Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Kindle Fire editions. Check out their app page for details.


forum game of thrones

While not directly related to The Game of Thrones, the Tapatalk Forum App allows fans to connect to “A Forum of Ice and Fire,” the only “official” Game of Thrones forum, as endorsed by the author.  The large and lively community is an excellent way to share thoughts and predictions about the show, get detailed comparisons to the books and ask questions. The app provides a streamlined search and subscribe function, touch-friendly threaded conversations, sharing, rich text replies and a carousel-style image viewer for quickly scanning image-heavy threads.

For more information and TV schedules, visit HBO’s Game of Thrones website.

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