Croatia Adds QR Codes to Postage Stamps – Genius!

This is super-cool. QR codes are those squares of squiggly lines you see on posters and advertisements, that can be scanned by your phone and linked to websites. We’ve already seen some creative uses of QR codes, ranging from artistic creations to postmortem memorials.

The country of Croatia has realized another interesting use for QR codes…adding them to postage stamps!

Croatia Uses QR Codes on Postage Stamps

As reported by, this brilliant use of mobile technology “lets users receive instant delivery confirmation for the mail they send, as well as details of when it was shipped, how many kilometers it traveled and when it arrived.” The Croatian Post (“Hrvatska pošta“) built a stunning, user-friendly website for tracking the stamps in real-time complete with an interactive map and graphic explanations. This is pretty great stuff.

I’d love to see it implemented at airports, so I can tell where and when my bags are coming off the conveyor belt instead of standing around indefinitely. But this would go against the airline industry’s policy of customer dissatisfaction.

Until then – let’s hope at least the US postal service will be keen!

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