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Mobile phones are *the* go-to device for bite-sized info on the move.

But there’s more to browsing via your handset than bookmarking the mobile website of online giants Google, Wikipedia, et al.

On mobile, location drives search. As luck would have it, we’ve found the top apps that make the most of this tidbit.

 1. Tagwhat


Making the bolshie claim ‘the mobile encyclopedia of where you are’, Tagwhat’s garnered praise from the likes of Mashable and The Wall Street Journal since its 2010 launch.

The idea behind the augmented reality app is simple: log on or download the app, then start adding notes and tags to… anything you please. Buildings, restaurants, trees, park benches – you get the idea.

According to Tagwhat: “Everyday you pass by millions of stories hidden just beneath the surface of the world. Tagwhat tells them right before your eyes.”

2. Likeness


Looking for an app that makes your mouth water? Likeness is just the tasty morsel.

By learning your culinary dos and don’ts, ‘Ness’ recommends restaurants. The clever Likeness Engine factors in ratings, your reviews, and friends’ recommendations.

It also includes handy integration with Facebook and Foursquare.

3. MobiFind

MobiFind spoonfeeds you your own information based on where you are.

Just moseyed into your local grocery store? The MobiFind app will display your shopping list stat.

Airport-bound? MobiFind will read your mind(ish) and display your ticket ready for check-in.

4. Greplin


Greplin developer Daniel Gross was a precocious 19 years old when he came up with the idea for a service that indexes your social stuff in the cloud.

Through Greplin you can search the likes of Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and loads more.

Simply sign up and index as many of your favorite websites as you like. What’s more, it’s super-current, updating data approximately every 20 minutes.

5. Loquest


Loquest is a located questions/answers website and app. Its worldwide database means peeps can ask questions about anywhere on earth – maybe even parallel universes too, although don’t quote us on that.

Need an answer pronto?  Loquest combine the data listed above with users’ recent Facebook, Gowalla and Foursquare checkins to get you the info you seek within the hour.

Go loco for moco

  • Make the most of location-based mobile content with the apps mentioned above.
  • Most are available on iPhone and Android, with accompanying PC-based and mobile sites.
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