5 Best Music Apps for Mobile

It’s not just about iTunes, y’all.

Discover new sounds on the go using music apps for mobile.

Whether you’re keen to create playlists while on the move, discover new tunes courtesy of a mobile radio program, or simply name that song before your buddies, there’s an array of mobile music apps and mobile sites to help you out.

1. Shazam
An oldie but a goodie, Shazam has been identifying tracks in bars, shopping malls, and on the telly since the iPhone was but a twinkle in Apple’s eye.

Available on said iPhone, as well as Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows, not only does this mobile app name that tune in seconds, you can also buy and share your finds.

The Shazam mobile app is available in both freebie and paid versions.

2. Spotify
Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has jumped aboard the ‘We Heart Spotify’ bandwagon.

Testimonials on the app’s info page include Zuckerberg’s: “Spotify is so good”.Billboard.biz likens it to the arrival of the iPod nearly a decade ago.

Spotify boasts millions of tracks and counting. What’s more, location or platform is no obstacle; you can access your library from your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile device.

Spotify is free to download.

3. MOG
With a library of 13 million tracks, US-based music lovers need never buy another mp3 again, according to MOG.

You don’t even have to store or synch. Your playlists are automatically available across multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry.

Chances are even your favorite artists love a bit of MOG. That means you can tune in to their playlists too.

MOG is available in both free and paid versions.

4. GarageBand
Apple enthusiasts can make their own beautiful music thanks to in-house music app GarageBand.

This was was traditionally available only to Mac and iPad users. As of just this week, iPhone and iPod touch versions made their debut.Learn the basics on piano, guitar and drums, then mix up to eight tracks to create and share a song.

Plus, if your musical skills are more miss than hit, GarageBand’s Flex Time and Groove Matching features will help you fake it until you make it.

5. Turntable.fm
Turntable.fm enables music lovers to share and share alike.

Here’s how it works: you sign in, create an avatar, then play songs to one another. Simple. The service went public May 2011; by late June it already had 140,000 registered users.

Fancy yourself a handy track spinner? Put your skills to the test with Turntable.fm’s ‘hop up’ guest DJ feature. Your audience will soon let you know whether they think you’re ‘lame’ or ‘awesome’.

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